Based in the KZN Midlands, Tanya Nicolson & Charles Webster bring you Blackbird – a surprisingly poignant yet uplifting vocal acoustic duo. Their diverse repertoire covers sultry jazz, upbeat folk, Indie styles with soul, & twists on contemporary classics.

Having been in the acting & music world, professionally, since the age of 8, Tanya Nicolson has performed all over the country, in genres ranging from Cabaret to serious theatre with a fair amount of physical theatre, local & international film & TV in the mix there too.

Charles Webster with his smooth baritone and distinctive folk-rock rhythm guitar, has become a fixture of the local Midlands music scene over the last decade or more. He provides the perfect platform for Tanya’s vocal work whilst bringing his own singing talent & musicianship to the fore.

Tanya & Charles have a deep rooted friendship which gives their duo a somewhat tangible dynamic – truly evident in their heartfelt rapport on stage.



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