Pretty & The Music

Pretty & The Music

Pretty is witty, mischievous, unwavering, and a free-spirited soul. She is a social entrepreneur, brand manager, poet, and vocalist. Raised in iMbali, Pietermaritzburg, by a force of strong women in the forefront, she has always been an explorer.

Combining her love for music, and her first love, poetry, she goes by the name Pretty & The Music. She is accompanied by Undivided Roots, with Wadada Cele on lead guitar, Judgement Cele on bass, Spear Nene on drums and Kingdom Cele on keyboard. Their eclectic sound zig-zags across a number of genres including African rhythm, soul, jazz, ancestral sounds, reggae, and rhythm and blues, all with an undertone of poetry. They have performed all over Kwa-Zulu Natal at cultural gatherings, corporate events, jam sessions, festivals, initiatives, and tourism and community development events. Pretty and The Music has performed in many venues in South Africa, including Credo Mutwa Village in Soweto, MiTH, Tatham Art Gallery, Punoza Boutique Hotel, The Playhouse, Cool Runnings, La Casa, Bob Marley Festival, and a Peter Tosh event, to name but a few.



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